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Abalon: One of the largest European beech hardwood companies with mills in Heiligenkreuz (Austria) and Schwalmstadt (Germany). Edged, lightly steamed, carefully kiln-dried lumber with 20 different grades - Read More

Alphaplex: Top grade poplar core Film faced plywood suitable for construction having resistance to water & corrosion attack. Due to its durability and easily handled surface it can be used in open environment in building warehouses, railway wagons, floors and sidewalls of trucks etc. - Read More
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Baillie: One of the larger producer of North America Hardwood. Hardwoods is safely manufactured & responsibly harvested product that offers a unique beauty, feel, and warmth. Flooring ,cabinetry,furniture products made with hardwoods are as safe as they are natural. - Read More

Buildex: Film faced hardwood plywood manufactured with 100% hardwood core veneer suitable for high-end construction with a better durability & repetition for formwork.Plywood sheets are manufactured and tested with rigorous procedures to ensure quality consistency. - Read More
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Coreplex: Film faced plywood suitable for formwork with resistance to water & weather at a budgetary price. - Read More
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Dongwha Malaysia: Dongwha Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is an engineered wood panel product. The homogenous nature of Dongwha has consistency from surface to core.And its versatility allows intricate and precise machining and finishing techniques when producing high quality furniture,cabinetry components, craft work and flooring. - Read More

EuroAlpha: High quality Commercial Hardwood plywood with beautiful grains , textures , excellent strength, stiffness and resistance. Hardwood plywood is an ideal sheet materials for making furniture,decoration, cabinets, architectural applications, doors, toys, musical instruments, etc. - Read More

Everest: Leading producer of Cement fibre Boards from India , manufactured from a homogeneous mixture of portland cement,cellulose pulp fibres .No asbestos is used during the entire process,making Everest products 100% asbestos free and environment friendly - Read More

Evergreen: Evergreen Medium Density Fibreboard is an engineered wood composite board . Its advantages include high strength, ease of processing,good weathering properties, and an ability to be made from a wide variety of fibrous materials. As an extremely versatile product, Evergreen MDF is suitable for numerous applications including furniture, speaker boxes, and doors. - Read More

FireBAN: Door cores are effective fire barriers that are designed and successfully tested to reduce the spread of fire and excessive quantities of smoke from one area to another. The cores are developed and refined regularly to meet the public safety requirements. - Read More

Greenpanel: Greenply Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is an Engineered wood, manufactured with hardwood fibres, bonded together under high pressures and temperature up to 240 degrees Celsius, by synthetic resin and wax.Greenpanel MDF has high and uniform density, making it strong, durable and ecofriendly. - Read More

Hunton: Hunton Protection Board and EJF (Expansion Joint Fillers) are softboards with a density of of 220 – 250 kg/m3. The boards are manufactured from pulp of Norwegian spruce, where the fibers are impregnated with bitumen to enhance water resistance, and sealed under high pressure during the process of manufacture. - Read More

Jollyboard: Jolly Bitulex Softboard(bitumin board) is processed from cane fibre, the raw material tested and proven to provide the best resilience. Impregnated with Bitumen in various percentages. - Read More

Korindo: Korindo is one of the leading producer of korinplex film faced and commercial plywood in Indonesia. High durability,wide acceptability & smooth surface.provides the material a better privelage over the others. usable in construction industries, marine craft, automobiles & furniture industry. - Read More

Pollmeier: Europe’s largest hardwood producer and world market leader for beech timber with PEFC certification. Highly automated,efficient industry production designed to meet the most stringent quality requirements & Optimised drying process guarantees low-stress wood and uniform coloring. - Read More

Robin: Robin MDF is manufactured by a dry process and continuous pressing. Rubberwood chips are refined, blended with resin, wax and dried before they are formed into a mat for pressing at high temperature. The mdf can also be used to make office furniture systems, kitchen cabinets, bedroom sets, decorative doors, panel moulding - Read More

SVEZA: SVEZA is considered as one of the biggest producer of film faced & commercial birch plywood manufacturer.Birch film faced is a high-quality exterior grade plywood, with special coating of resin-treated paper that turns into protective film during production. Available in both Smooth or mesh surface. - Read More

USG BORAL: Leading manufacturer and supplier of gypsum-based wall , ceiling lining systems, mineral fiber ceiling systems, metal framing, high performance panels, compounds and accessories - Read More

Skano softboard consists 100% of wood, no adhesives are added during production process. Wood fibre softboard does not contain allergens and thus is friendly to all environments. Modern production line grants flatness of panels and precise thickness. - Read More

Sauerland : Modern doors have to cover a number of technical purposes. For most of these, solid particle board is too heavy - SAUERLAND Tubular Board guarantees just the right weight. - Read More

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