Chairman’s Message

Sh. Qais Salim Al Khalili

Chairman & Group Managing Director

If the last century was about meeting human needs, this one is about matching human aspirations. We live in a world where the young reach higher, dream bigger and demand more; a world that is challenging the limits of hope and possibility. Nowhere is this more strikingly visible than in Oman, a country that wakes up every morning a little younger in age, but infinitely more ambitious in spirit. This brave new Oman shows the poised nature of youth with their desire for real and rapid change and for a quality of life that is second to none. They are also driving the push for world-class infrastructure, products and services in the fields of transportation, communications, energy, information, entertainment, technology, education, healthcare and personal finance.

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Ajith Kumar

Group Chief Executive Officer

Ayub Khan

Group Chief Financial Officer

Sujith Kumar

Dy. Chief Operating Officer

Mohsin Al Balushi

Group GM – HR, Admin & Collection

Arijit Das Gupta

GM - Al Khalili Electrical LLC

Santhosh Kumar Mishra

GM - Al Khalili Construction LLC

Diya Al Deen Al Tamari

GM - Al Khalili Auto Services LLC

Shaji Thomas John

GM - Al Khalili Dubai Operations

Ajith Jacob George

GM - Al Khalili Logistics LLC

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